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Our range of power and hand tools are carefully selected to offer only quality tools that would last a long time. 

Holesaws and Kits

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Insulation tape Measuring and fish tape Other tapes

Car Products and Accessories

Cleaners, solvents and sealants

Cutters and pliers

* Hellermann Cutters  * Hellermann Cutters & Pliers budget range  * Hellermann Cutter & Pliers Super range  * Hellermann Cutter& Pliers 1000V range  * MajorTech Combination pliers  * MajorTech Diagonal Cutting Pliers  * MajorTech Long Nose Pliers

Drill Machines and bits

Hammers and Hack Saws

Keys and Locks

Screw Drivers

Soldering and Welding

Spanners and Socket Sets

Spirit Levels

Tool Boxes


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