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Solar Products

Going green is part of our company’s vision.  Save Power – Save Money – Save our Planet, every one benefits.
We need to consider our energy consumption. We can assist you in your “going green” process with both solar and other energy saving products.

For more information, please follow the link to the suppliers by clicking on the image.

Solar Panels

100 Watt
250 Watt
300 Watt

Solar Panels

102ah – 800ah

Solar Panels

65   Amp
102 Amp

Solar Panels

Kit Includes:
Solar Panel, Controller, Frames, Wires and bag.

Solar Panels

150 Watt – 8000 Watt

Solar Panels

100 Litre
150 Litre
200 Litre

Solar Panels

102ah – 800ah

Grid Tied Solar System

This system can be connected directly on the grid (NamPower, Municipal or Erongo Red).  The excess power that is generated by your system will be transferred into the Grid and your electricity consumption will be reduced during day time and you will be able to use the grid power during night time. You will not get any money back from the power supplier, but your consumption will be reduced dramatically . . . You Save money !!

3KW 15A, Complete with solar panels.

5KW 25A, Complete with solar panels

8KW 40A, Complete with solar panels


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