Solar Charge Controller 90A MPPT


Solar Regulator MPPT 90A 12v /24v/36v/48va



Solar Regulator MPPT 90A 12v /24v/36v/48va

A Controller is for off grid solar system & control the charging and discharging of a battery

  • suitable for battery types : sealed lead acid, Lithium ion, 2v cells, gel sealed
  • The main function is : protecting the battery, ensure longer battery life IF programmed correctly
  • System voltage: 12v/24v/48v
  • Rated discharge current: 90A
  • Rated charge current: 90A
  • Max. PV Input Power : 1170W (12v) /2340W (24v) /3510W(36v) /4680W (48v)
  • overcharge protection and input PV polarity reverse protection
  • built in automatic battery voltage detection

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 370 × 230 × 110 cm