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ED Solar Panels

ED Solar Panels

Decrease electricity usage

  • Eliminate devices and appliances that use too much electricity. These include, incandescent light bulbs, water heaters, normal heaters, products heating with an element and Airconditioners.
  • Change all bulbs and light fittings to LEDs. LEDs use only about a tenth of the electricity to produce the same amount of light.
  • Convert your hot water systems to electric boilers OR solar geysers OR gas heating such as gas stoves and gas heaters.
  • Appliances with the highest electricity demand such as a dish washer, the washing machine, tumble dryer and electric stoves. These should run only during the day when the sun is shining full capacity (usually 11am – 3pm).
  • Change your old habits to green, energy saving ways. Every electrical item you add, affect your 24hour solar cycle in a way. If it is not a necessity, do not obtain or install it.
  • Make use of solar lighting as support at night, when you do not have sunlight for charging.
  • Make use of wind chargers in windy areas to boost charging efficiency.


Optimize Your Solar energy

  • Solar Panel Angle and seasons :  While the sun’s angle moves during the day and seasons, the efficiency of your solar panel changes. Take careful readings of the daily charging capacity over a 12 month period and apply these methods :
  • cut electricity usage over the periods with lower charging efficiency.
  • add more panels to cover for the lower charging periods if necessary.
  • change the angle of the solar panels between your high charging season and low charging season for more sun optimising and better charging in accordance with the sun’s angles.
  • During winter, when the sun is low, you can increase the amount of reflected light on your solar panels by mounting mirrors on the sides of the panels.


Keep Solar panels Clean:

  • If dust accumulates on the glass surface of your solar panel, it reduces the panel’s efficiency. As a result, the sunlight that would normally reach the solar panel gets dissipated. It is therefore important that you ensure that no dust and dirt collects on the surface of your cell.
  • The efficiency of a solar panel is affected by temperature levels. Efficiency drops as the temperature gets higher. Ensure that there is sufficient gaps between the solar panels and the roof, allowing easy movement of air, reducing temperature.


Terms and conditions :

  • Solar items ordered specifically, can NOT be returned/ refunded. Quoted delivery times is subject to suppliers’ terms and may vary.
  • OUR Guarantee / warranty = an assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced if not of a specified quality. Please confirm this in writing before purchasing the item as it varies with all products sold.
  • INSURE these highly priced items against all available elements at your insurance company to cover a future non-guarantee loss (if any).
  • WE cover product failure when installed by a Qualified Electrical company and will assist as seen fit on the specific installation and site.
  • NB: Please select solar regulator according to the specific charging voltages of the batteries used in the system. Fail to do so, may result in battery failure.
  • Changing in different seasons WILL EFFECT your solar power.
  • Due to unknown charging facility or quality of the end user – batteries have a return warrantee of only 3months from date of purchase.

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